New Generation Order Management

Let your customers to give an contactless order without downloading any app in few seconds. Open your new generation restaurant door with qrChef by only being charged 10Cent€ per order line.

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*Only 25$/device. Money back guarantee in 14 days trial.

Device Generating Dynamic QR Code

Unlike structures that show a fixed qr code menu qrChef generates unique 256 bit encrypted qr codes dynamically. Therefore, there is no need any confirmation for the orders. System is closed for the fake accounts. Your customers could manage their orders, private requests and inform their opinions to the enterprise.

Digitize Your Entire Enterprise

All actors in the enterprise such as kitchen workers, cheifs, sweaters, managers etc. are integretated with the customers by qrChef app. Track your enterprises in real time. Manage your items in menu as active or passive depending upon their availability in stocks.

Contactless Menu with your Mother Tounge

Communicate with your customers by their mother tongues. Get your orders without any physical contact in seconds. Let your customers manage the orders correctly and distribution of the bill easily. Reduce the loss of customers due to unnecessary relations.

How it Works

Qr Device

A trusted connection is established by qr device that generates dynamic qr codes in certain period.


Get the Digital Menu by Reading Qr Code

As soon as the qr code is read by the customer with his/her smart phone or mobile device the enterprise' menu is appeared on the screen in his/her mother tongue.


Contactless Menu

Customer could navigate on the menu, read details, manage options to give an order. Other sort of requests such as calling waiter or cleaning table could be created digitally.


Get Orders

Orders given by the customers are reflected to the chef and waiter immediately.


Track Your Orders

Orders ready to serve is informed to the waiter. Customers could track the status of their orders.


Distribution of Addition

Customer could see the current bill and decide the type of payment digitally.



Current orders not only could be seen by customers but also received by waiters and chefs to proceed in order to complete them. Bill details are appeared in smart analytic screens so that customer would choose the most suitable payment method for him/her

Precaution for the Covid-19

Get all your orders without any contact in seconds and reduce number of waiters.

Get all requests, feedback and evaluations

In order to increase your enterprise service quality get any sort of feedback and evaluations that are only seen by you.

Customers don't need to download any app to get your digital menu

There is not any force to customers get app from the app stores. As soon as any mobil device reads the qr code the menu is going to be appeared on the screen. The rest are easy to manage by the customers.

Service your customers in his/her mother tongue

Customers are welcomed with its mobile device language. He/she could change any available language in the system.

256 bit Secure

Keep all your data in secure by high tech encrypted protocols.

Any customers managing the table could give an order at the same time individually.

Any contributors of the desk could add an order at the same time. Everyone could manage his/her own orders details including payment method as well.

Get the benefits of rapid and secure information flows

Digitalization deserves praise only if it is safe and fast environments. qr Chef AWS manages your traffic in the cloud by managing advanced technologies.

Payment Scenarios

When the customers wishe to pay the bill they could prefer cash, credit card, mobile payment systems, food cards etc. Besides, payment type could be chosen by their mobile device as one of the following scenarios; single, German Style, brother share, common item(s) share.

Customer Screenshots

Customers could navigate in the menu that is particularly created for you after reading the qr code in front of qrChef device. Increase your orders by means of any time updated menu that has appetizing visuals and user friendly screens. Not matter whether it is single or multiple customers are part of the bill added orders could be easily managed for the payment method such as Germen style, brother share. Increase the percantage of the happinies of your customers.

qrChef Business Screenshots

You could get trusted orders by wireless, dynamic qr code generator device, qrChef. All actors such as waiter, chef, manager, owner, customer in the system could play their roles by the same app. You are welcome to join us today!

Our Awesome Customers

An incredible application - you have total control when adding and removing items from your menu, changing prices, creating specials, without the expense of reprinting

At first we had prejudices! Sooner we realized that there was a dedicated team that fully capture concerns before me and create solutions. An ordering system that demonstrates its difference in the sector with the unique code generating device. Congratulations.

Abdullah KORUN
Hacı Abdullah Restorant

A special job, simply one scanning brings all expectations in terms of usage. We would be willing to order with Plexiglass material, but thanks to qrChef, we added more reputation to our business quality.Our customers and us are happy now.

İshak Kaan USTA
Köfteci Ahmet Usta Restorant

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